Great opportunity to meet a variety of new women and focus on self introspection for relevant goals in life. I’ve had to miss a few, hope to get back attending soon!!!

Davina is an excellent facilitator who listens, has great enthusiasm, is very knowledgeable about the topic being presented and keeps the agenda flowing. You’ll be glad you attended!!! Don’t miss this!!


I have known Davina for quite a while, and I am still amazed at the level of commitment she has to extend herself to help others. She is a natural advocate for those who are hurting and in need of a bit of guidance. She learns from her experiences and incorporates those experiences in her desire to help others navigate the pitfalls that obstruct us in our daily lives. Over the years, she has helped me overcome social anxieties and encouraged me to move outside my comfort zone. Now through TAW, you all will have the benefit of her compassion and love, which has certainly made me a better person. I ‘am eternally grateful for our friendship.


I attended the Inaugural session of Tribe Authentic Women and it was beyond AMAZING! Davina has a deep love for helping women unearth their true voice in order to win. Her gift for helping us bring out the best in ourselves is stellar. I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about attending to stop thinking and get in the room because that’s where the magic happens!

Felicia (Black Women’s Collective)

“Davina is a phenomenal woman of value, integrity, and truth.  I am honored to know her and to have worked with her.  She has always shown professionalism and exceptional execution in her work toward teaching women to be their best and speak their truth.  I would recommend Davina Lyons for every event, meeting or gathering.”


Davina is incredible. I came to this meeting to expand my business and it was so much more than that. I am beyond grateful I attended and will be sure to attend every single one in the future.


Davina is the real deal! She is truly authentic, a great facilitator and brings great insights that are valuable to living every day life. In addition to that, you have the opportunity to connect with amazing woman. Come check out the tribe, you won’t be disappointed! Looking forward to the first meeting of 2019!

Nancy (No Fear Life)

Tribe Authentic Woman (TAW) is a wonderful monthly workshop not only because Davina’s expertise as an educator, speaker, and life coach but she has the ability to bring together women from all different backgrounds and stages in life and facilitate great conversations among these woman very effectively. I learn so much about myself and life, from the exercises and members of TAW. Thanks Davina! for created a safe place for women to share, learn, and grow. 

Kami (Collaboratory)
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