I am delighted to share my story with the world for the first time in this collection of stories: The Lemonade Stand – From Sour to Sweet Inspiring Stories of Strength and Success. In this book, women share experiences that become life lessons learned on the road to achieving lasting success.
Many people struggle with how to overcome the effects of negative past experiences. I was once one of those people. I could not see past my mistakes and thought I would never achieve what I once dreamt about. But I did.

The passion for telling my story comes from the desire to empower women to overcome their negative past experiences, be more resilient, and embrace their authentic selves. I had to learn to love and forgive those closest to me to show up strong for those I serve. This book will inspire you to:

Most of all, it will give you a reason to be more resilient and willing to forgive yourself for any situation or circumstance you hold yourself responsible for.

In 2018, I founded The Tribe Authentic Woman Workshop in response to my story. You will read all about it in this book. I am confident that my story, as well as the others, will inspire you.

I hope you will read the book and reflect upon the past in a way that propels you into a future that supports your greatest desires. If you struggle with the pain of your past, heed the examples in this book, and you will increase your capacity to bounce back and propel yourself into a great future!