Your Authentic Personality

Your Authentic Personality


The focus this month for the Tribe Authentic Woman Workshop is personality. Your authentic personality is governed by your core motives or motivation. This is usually determined during your formative childhood years. How you show up: attitude, characteristics, mindset, and behavior are all significant aspects of your personality.

As a child, I aspired to be a leader in any capacity I could. In the classroom, I was the best reader, on the playground I was the shot caller. On the job, I was quickly promoted to leadership roles. My entire life I have taken the lead. I simply know no other way.

Over the years, I completed many personality assessment tools that always confirmed my leadership traits. Having knowledge of your core motives helps to guide you in making essential life decisions. For me, because I believed I was a leader, I naturally gravitated towards leadership roles.
My COLORCODE assessment definitely confirmed that I am a RED which signifies POWER. While that may seem a bit negative by today’s standards and interpretation of the word, I see it as a real positive. I simply know my power.

Personality is the second of the 8 Steps to Mastering Authenticity because after understanding key aspects of your identity (who you are) it is natural to next identify how you show up and relate to others (how you are).
This is important in both your personal and professional life. For people who are looking to increase their visibility and gain recognition and acceptance, personality development is required (not to be confused with people-pleasing). It’s more about showing people who you really are and how it can benefit the relationship or organization.

Whether the intention is to develop a budding relationship or promote on the job, it requires assessing where you are versus where you would like to be. Also, it is important to be able to identify the personality traits of others – so you can relate to them better. In fact, most difficult people are the ones I intentionally engage with because I know I will learn from the experience.
Join the Tribe Authentic Woman Workshop if you desire to lean in and master your authenticity. Indicate in the comments below what you think your core motivations are and how you utilize it best in your life.

Davina Lyons

Educator, Author, Personal Development Coach and Founder at Tribe Authentic Woman Workshop. Davina is passionate about education and the future of our youth as a Middle School Teacher in the Gila River Indian Community she is making an impact by driving towards continuous improvement in the education system. Driven to support WOMEN in finding and using their authentic voices to positively transform their lives by advocating for self and others. Contributing author in the anthology, The Lemonade Stand from Sour to Sweet Inspiring Women's Stories of Strength and Success.

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