Next level Thriving!

It's DAY 8...I have just as much energy today as yesterday and all the other days since I began the Thrive products.  Simply stated - I am THRIVING!!! My students in the classroom are pointing out how much energy and fun I am now (more than ever).  I have always been an upbeat teacher.  But … Continue reading Next level Thriving!

Thriving Day 7

I believe that "My One Word" lead me to the Le-Vel business and The Thrive Experience. Today is DAY 7 - thriving!  I'm feeling beyond fantastic. (I am not making any claims of being cured of a disease or medicated).  I simply FEEL wonderful!  I had no idea that I could feel this way after … Continue reading Thriving Day 7


I have to check myself often when it comes to excuses. WHY am I making excuses? Is it fear? If so, of what? Failure or success? If failure serves to make me stronger, why would I fear it? If success gets me closer to my purpose, why would I fear it? If this doesn't make … Continue reading Excuses

My One Word

For years, I desired to make a difference in the lives of others on a grand scale.  There was always something nagging at me that I needed to achieve.  Yesterday afternoon I was on a telephone call with my brothers.  I love and respect them immensely.  With a lot of excitement in my voice, I shared … Continue reading My One Word


I'm back and thriving - mind, body, and spirit! My blogging was on hold for a while.  I planned to start in January, but wasn't ready.  I finished my teaching internship; which meant I could focus solely on my students and being the best 3rd year middle school teacher I could be. That new year's … Continue reading THRIVING


I AM accountable and responsible for my HAPPINESS! As 2016 is coming to a close, I am reflecting on how happy I've become.  The process of releasing the items on this list has taken years. I am closer now than ever! Complaining Limiting beliefs Blaming others Negative self-talk Dwelling on the past Resistance to change The need … Continue reading #self-help

Dear every cancer patient I ever took care of, I’m sorry. I didn’t get it.

I share this for those who are “experiencing” cancer – peace and blessings.

Here Comes the Sun


Dear every cancer patient I ever took care of, I’m sorry. I didn’t get it.

This thought has been weighing heavy on my heart since my diagnosis. I’ve worked in oncology nearly my entire adult life. I started rooming and scheduling patients, then worked as a nursing assistant through school, and finally as a nurse in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. I prided myself in connecting with my patients and helping them manage their cancer and everything that comes with it. I really thought I got it- I really thought I knew what it felt like to go through this journey. I didn’t.

I didn’t get what it felt like to actually hear the words. I’ve been in on countless diagnoses conversations and even had to give the news myself on plenty of occasions, but being the person the doctor is talking about is surreal. You were trying to…

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The butterfly and a tender heart…

Today, one of my middle school students found a butterfly with a wounded wing. She walked around with that butterfly cupped in her hands protecting it for a long time. When the bell rang, it was time to come in to my classroom.  Initially, my thoughts were, "... my goodness she's going to bring a … Continue reading The butterfly and a tender heart…

The Queen’s Voice…

During the program's intermission, a friend came backstage.  She asked if I were nervous.  I don't remember my response.  I do remember her telling me that she thought I may not win because my talent was 'speaking'.   I was competing against girls who danced, played instruments, and sang.   The question at hand was, … Continue reading The Queen’s Voice…


It's a beautiful holiday weekend.  Mom's house is cleaned out and she is happy in her apartment.  Finally, I am seriously working on my coursework for my final semester in the teaching internship.   I'm just thinking about how much I love teaching.  Sometimes I regret not becoming a teacher years ago.  This is my … Continue reading Success…teaching