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“Davina has a deep love for helping women unearth their true voice in order to win. I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about attending to get in the room because that’s where the magic happens!“ – Felicia

“Davina has the ability to bring together women from all stages in life and facilitate great conversations among these women very effectively. I learned so much about myself and life. Thank you!” – Kami

“Davina is the real deal! She is truly authentic, a great facilitator, and brings great insights that are valuable to living everyday life. Come check out the tribe, you won’t be disappointed!” – Nancy

There is a saying …

We are the sum total of all our experiences.

Whether positive or negative those experiences make us the person we are.

What if I told you that’s not quite true? 

Many of our experiences have been distorted through meaning-making; the way people construe, understand or make sense of life events, relationships, and one’s self.

Being Authentically Self-Aware can gift you with insights to transform your life!

But you must know how to get there.                   →

That’s where
Davina Lyons 
comes in…

Hi! I Am Davina.

I teach people the importance of being authentically self-aware. I’m passionate about educating, inspiring, and motivating others toward personal growth. That’s why I’m so fulfilled teaching and facilitating personal development workshops for teens, young adults, and women. My heart is always in that space because I remember at each stage of my life what I needed to thrive.

For many years, I have described my journey as pain, passion, and purpose. Surviving an often-traumatic childhood made me realize just how resilient I am. This led me to devote my life to helping others realize their ability to overcome obstacles. My passion for education saved my life and ultimately led me to the purpose of teaching adolescents and inspiring others by sharing what I know about living your best life and reaching your highest potential.

If you have grown weary of:

  • Compromising by “going along – to get along”.
  • Excessively putting the needs of others before your own
  • Fear of shame or vulnerability
  • Believing everyone else is better or right and you aren’t
  • Fixating on what others think of you
  • and having to always get it perfect

It’s time to turn the lens inward and focus on your rite of passage to live your authentic best life. You may feel as if you were derailed from your true destiny as I once felt, but all it takes is a made-up mind to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions by honoring your true self like never before.

It takes a higher level of focus, courage, and confidence to show up daily in a way that honors who you really are. I see you at that next level. Let’s work together!

Authentically, Davina Lyons

“Davina is incredible. I came to this meeting to expand my business and it was so much more than that. I am beyond grateful I attended and will be sure to attend every single one in the future.” – Amber

“I am still amazed at the level of commitment Davina has to extend herself to help others. She is a natural advocate for those who are hurting and in need of a bit of guidance.”
– Marcy

“Authentic ME [Community and Workshop] challenges me to look inward and find my true colors. To embrace my insecurities and question the status quo. The community Davina creates is a welcoming and true sisterhood. I look forward to the sessions and enjoy uncovering my artistic abilities.” – Kristen

Live Your Best Life, Reach Your Highest Potential

Transform Your Life by Looking Through Three Lenses



Thoughts are ideas, attitudes, or perceptions about things. They are creative and have energy. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen. We can retrain our brains to identify automatic thoughts which can be negative or unhelpful, interrupt them and replace them with more constructive coping thoughts.



Feelings are emotions such as happy, sad, mad, frustrated, surprised, anxious, etc. We all experience emotions and it is important they be expressed.  Learning to name and rate our moods and cultivating mindfulness helps us to connect to our emotions, rather than being dictated to by them. 



Actions are the behaviors we take. Behavior can be classified as right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, appropriate or inappropriate. Learn the skills to interrupt patterns even when not motivated to do so. Experience shows, that we eventually begin to see benefits from practicing a healthier pattern. 

The Authentically Self-Aware® Program Creates…


Having the desire to improve your life and fulfill your purpose. 


Getting outside of your comfort zone and conquering obstacles.


Feeling self-assured and prepared to take action towards your goals.

Strategies for Living Your Best Life and Reaching Your Highest Potential

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