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Helping you become self-aware and resilient!

On a mission to educate and inspire teens, young adults, and women to be more self-aware and resilient; enhancing their capacity to live their best life and reach their highest potential.

We know that in January most people are surfing the high waves of motivation.  

Now is the time to invest in your self-awareness and resiliency – Join my community of women as we navigate the waters.  

We see outward is how we feel inward. If you don’t like what you see, then change how you feel.
~Davina Lyons

I’m passionate about educating, inspiring, and motivating others toward personal growth. That’s why I’m so fulfilled teaching and facilitating personal development workshops for teens, young adults, and women. My heart is always in that space because I remember at each stage of my life what I needed to thrive. 

For many years, I have described my journey as pain, passion, and purpose. Surviving an often-traumatic childhood made me realize just how resilient I am. This led me to devote my life to helping others realize their ability to overcome obstacles. My passion for education saved my life and ultimately led me to the purpose of teaching adolescents and inspiring others by sharing what I know about living your best life and reaching your highest potential. 

If you have grown weary of: 

  • Compromising by ‘going along – to get along’
  • Excessively putting the needs of others before your own
  • Fear of shame or vulnerability
  • Believing everyone else is better or right and you aren’t
  • Fixating on what others think of you
  • and having to always get it perfect 

It’s time to turn the lens inward and focus on your rite of passage to live your authentic best life.  You may feel as if you were derailed from your true destiny as I once felt, but all it takes is a made-up mind to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions by honoring your true self like never before. 

After 25 years as a corporate leader, 15 years as a certified life coach, and 7 years as a classroom teacher of adolescents, I recognize people and their patterns.  It takes a higher level of courage and confidence to show up daily in a way that honors who you really are.  I see you at that next level.  


A Community with various workshops where women can engage creatively to become self-aware and resilient through exploring who they are through different lenses. Our workshops are intended to inspire women to live a more authentic, courageous, and confident life. 

Workshop where teens and young adults explore the notion of self-awareness and resiliency. Tackling topics like: bullying, suicide prevention, anxiety, growth mindset​ and more; so that they can live their authentic best life. 

The Lemonade Stand From Sour to Sweet

Inspiring Women’s Stories of Strength and Success


In this anthology, I share my story that led to the founding of Authentic ME! Community and Workshop for Women. Each author in this book share stories of triumph over tough and seemingly insurmountable odds.

“Many of us wear masks to hide our authentic selves. Its time to take off those masks!” Davina Lyons


Your Authentic Personality

COLORCODE Red The focus this month for the Tribe Authentic Woman Workshop is personality. Your authentic personality is governed by your core motives or motivation. This is usually determined during

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