Capturing the Minds and Hearts of Students

A pathway for educators, administrators, and parents to build resilient learners inside and outside the classroom.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." - Aristotle

Empowering Educators to Integrate Social Emotional Teaching Strategies

The Five Competency Pillars of Social-Emotional Learning

Self-awareness is crucial for understanding one’s own emotions and how they influence behavior.

For instance, a student who recognizes that they’re feeling anxious before a test (emotional awareness) might remember that this often leads them to rush and make careless mistakes (self-perception). Armed with this knowledge, the student might then use calming strategies before the test to mitigate their anxiety (self-confidence).

Effective self-management is about handling emotions and motivating oneself.

For example, a student may feel upset and impulsive after receiving a poor grade but chooses to take a few deep breaths and reflect on what they could improve next time (impulse control and stress management). This student also demonstrates self-motivation and goal-setting by resolving to spend more time studying for the next assessment.

Social awareness involves understanding and empathizing with others’ perspectives, especially those from diverse backgrounds.

A student may befriend a new classmate from a different country. They might take the time to learn about their peer’s culture and experiences, making the new student feel welcomed and valued. This shows an understanding of social norms and empathy.

Building positive relationships requires clear communication, active listening, and cooperation.

For instance, during a group project, one student may notice another struggling with a task. They offer help, propose to divide the tasks differently, and ensure everyone agrees with the plan. This demonstrates effective communication, collaboration, and assistance.

Responsible decision-making requires evaluating the consequences of various actions and making ethical and safe choices.

Suppose a student finds a lost wallet on the school grounds. They decide to turn it into the lost and found, even though they could have easily kept it. This demonstrates understanding ethical responsibility, evaluating the implications of different actions, and deciding beneficial to the community.

Why Social Emotional Learning Matters

 Make a Difference in the Lives of Students

In the Boardroom

Educational administration involvement leads to …

  • Positively impacting student achievement through fostering a culture of high expectations and continuous improvement.
  • Cultivating respect, trust, and an atmosphere of safety and inclusiveness by establishing a positive school climate.
  • Teacher morale and retention through the creation of positive work environments and regular support. 
  • Fostering students’ social-emotional development and academic success through effective implementation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs.
  • Significant improvements in the academic and social outcomes of special needs students through advocacy and creation of inclusive environments and providing necessary support.
  • Considerable level of parental engagement in schools by promoting a welcoming environment and facilitating communication between parents and school staff. 

In the Classroom

Effective teachers’ influence on students leads to … 

  • Higher student achievement and college completion due to teachers communicating expectations of students’ potential.
  • 1.5 years’ worth of learning in a single year, compared with 0.5 years with poorly performing teachers.
  • Improved student academic engagement, attendance, classroom behavior, and academic achievement, and reduce instances of school suspensions due to positive teacher-student relationships. 
  • Substantially offsetting or eliminating disadvantages of low socio-economic background. 

In the Home

Engaged parental/guardian in their child’s education leads to …

  • Improved student academic success, regardless of the family’s socioeconomic status or the student’s age.
  • Improved school behavior, regular school attendance, positive attitudes toward education, and reduced risk of suspension or expulsion.
  • Better social skills in students, including increased cooperation, assertiveness, and responsibility.
  • More likely to complete high school than those with uninvolved parents.
  • Smoother transitions between elementary, middle, and high school.
  • Increased likelihood of pursuing higher education and improved cognitive development.
  • Improvement of the overall school experience for students due to parent-teacher communication to understand and meet student needs.

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Start Integrating Social-Emotional Learning in Your Classrooms

With a focus on authenticity, the Building Resilient Learners book serves as a comprehensive guide for educators seeking to cultivate resilience and promote social-emotional learning in their classrooms.

Inside you will find:

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  • Practical strategies and insights to empower students to:
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    • Successfully navigate social-emotional challenges
    • Develop courage and resilience for life

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Below are some of the transformational benefits educators and parents can expect to experience after completing one of our programs


  • Gain a firm belief in the value of holistic education.
  • Leading their school to excel in the adoption of SEL skills for improved academic performance, lower dropout rates, and a better school climate.
  • Contributes to their success in higher education, careers, and personal life.
  • Improved relationships, greater respect, and a more collaborative atmosphere among students and staff
  • Personal recognition for the implementation of emotional intelligence and social skills 


  • Personal Satisfaction and Fulfillment
  • Belief in the Importance of SEL
  • Strengthening their sense of purpose
  • Heightened curiosity and love for learning
  • The ability to improve the classroom environment
  • SEL professional growth and mastery
  • Renewed commitment to students’ overall wellbeing
  • Helps teachers manage stress and prevent burnout.


  • Awareness of the benefits to the holistic development of their child.
  • Improved parent-child communication, behavior, and relationships.
  • Renewed Connection to the importance of their children developing resilience, decision-making skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence 
  • Skills to help children manage Stress and Anxiety
  • Confidence in their child’s preparedness for real-world challenges
  • Cultivate a sense of partnership and mutual respect with teachers and administration.

About Davina Lyons

Teacher ♦ Speaker ♦ Author ♦ Personal Development Workshop Facilitator

Davina Lyons is an accomplished Teacher, Speaker, Author, and Personal Development workshop facilitator specializing in self-awareness and resiliency. With a deep commitment to education, motivation, and inspiration, Davina dedicates herself to empowering women and adolescents to positively transform their lives.

Through her engaging workshops, Davina fosters growth and personal empowerment by combining group training, life coaching techniques, and peer-to-peer support tailored to meet the unique needs of each participant. Drawing from her personal journey and experiences, she brings a profound understanding of the challenges individuals face and offers practical strategies for personal growth and development.

Davina’s own transformative path emerged from significant personal struggles and health issues that led her to recognize the misalignment of her thoughts, feelings, and actions. Determined to create positive change, she made the life-changing decision to leave her corporate career and embark on a new path as a Middle School teacher. Through this experience, Davina became acutely aware of the impact of trauma on children and how it affects their education, fueling her passion for supporting young minds and nurturing resilience.

As the Founder of the Authentic Best Life Workshops for Teens & Young Adults and the Authentic ME Workshop & Community for Women, Davina has created powerful platforms for personal growth and empowerment. Her workshops provide a safe space for individuals to explore their potential, develop self-awareness, and cultivate the resilience needed to thrive in today’s world.

Davina currently resides in Maricopa, Arizona, and can be reached via email at [email protected]. Her dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others shines through her work, as she continues to inspire individuals to embrace their authentic selves and live their best lives.

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