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A New Day, New Opportunities!

It is a blessing to have a new day and opportunity to get right whatever you didn’t get right yesterday. I am looking forward to exercising at the gym this morning. I actually have a plan to get there earlier. I realize that consistency is the key to my success. When I think of all the times I failed to be consistent because I gave up too soon, it saddens me. I have always had tremendous potential yet never quite reached the pinnacle of my success. Now, I invoke wisdom!… Read more A New Day, New Opportunities!


Insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results. I want to go to the gym. I woke up with the intension to do so at 5am. I even told my son that I would be going to the gym this morning. The alarm sounded and I hit snooze, then I shut it off because I am awake now. I have a goal to eliminate 100 pounds from my body in the next year. My son just came to the bedroom door and asked if I went to the… Read more Insanity

Creating an Amazing Life!

Welcome to my blog! I hesitated to begin yet another blog. I have created a few in my life. There is a story to tell. There are people to reach and I am eager to do that. Yet once the opportunity arises I spend countless moments pondering the words that I need to share. Well, I am going to stop that behavior and simply share! My thoughts, experiences, hopes, dreams, and goals will all be shared this time. I’m not too concerned about second guessing my audience. I am not… Read more Creating an Amazing Life!