The Power of Resilience

Have you ever wondered about the power of resilience in the face of overwhelming adversity? Hi, I’m Davina Lyons, and my life’s journey has taught me that trials, no matter how harsh, can serve as stepping stones to triumph and personal growth.

Growing up, I witnessed the destructive forces of domestic violence and parental substance abuse. Marrying young, I confronted the heartbreak of multiple miscarriages and grappled with my emotional instability, informed by my tumultuous past. Amidst it all, I made poor choices, the echoes of which lingered long. But even in the heart of such profound challenges, I discovered the seeds of resilience and authenticity.

My Story

Every individual has a unique journey and a set of circumstances defining them. I’ve faced my fair share of obstacles and celebrated many victories throughout my journey. I want to help people achieve their dreams. As I share my story, I hope to illuminate the paths of those navigating similar struggles and demonstrate that we all have the power to rise above our circumstances and truly thrive.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Growing up, I faced a myriad of challenges. My childhood was tough, with little emotional support from my struggling mother. During my young adulthood, I made poor decisions due to this. The maternal nurturing many take for granted was absent in my life, leaving me to grapple with the world’s weight far too early.

But even in the darkest corners, the flicker of hope can be found if we look for it. Amid my trials, I discovered the transformative power of community and the magic of unwavering faith in one’s potential. Some individuals emerged as beacons of light in my life, believing in me even when I struggled to believe in myself.

My Favorite Teacher and Others Who Cared

My English teacher, Ms. Key, was one of those luminaries. She saw beyond the rough exterior that life had forced upon me. Her profound impact on my life inspired me to follow in her footsteps. Today, I am blessed to teach the same grade and subject she did.

During my teenage years, I also received guidance and emotional support from someone other than my mother. The mother of one of my closest friends, Mrs. Terry, taught me lessons that extended far beyond the confines of textbooks, wisdom that I carry with me today.

I received invaluable support and guidance from community leaders, such as Mr. Rock Thomas, during my college years. My involvement with initiatives such as Jesse Jackson’s Operation Push/Excel helped immensely. The community members that rallied around me provided the necessary resources and encouragement. Their belief in my potential and the reminder that I was more than my circumstances were instrumental in my development. Furthermore, I regained my confidence, refined my ability to communicate my thoughts and experiences, and reclaimed my power through participation in local pageantry and speech competitions.


The struggles I endured in my early life laid the groundwork for the resilience I demonstrate today. The people who believed in me – my teacher, my friend’s mother, and community leaders – their collective faith transformed me. They reminded me of who I was and what I could do, helping me reshape my narrative from adversity to triumph.

Today, I use the lessons from my past and the wisdom I gained from my journey to guide others toward self-discovery and personal growth. I strive to be a beacon for others, just as Ms. Key was for me. Through teaching and writing, I aim to ignite the spark of potential I see in everyone. My journey is a testament to the power of resilience, community, and belief in one’s abilities.

I hope that in sharing my story, I can inspire others to see the greatness within themselves and encourage them to rise above their challenges. I exemplify that your starting point doesn’t determine where you can go in life. My goal is to encourage others to believe in the same principle.


As an Educator, I’m committed to fostering a passion for knowledge and encouraging young minds to reach their full potential. I’ve made it my life’s work to guide students toward success, utilizing innovative teaching methods and fostering an environment that nurtures their academic and personal growth. I aim to assist individuals in thriving and discovering themselves through education. Education is not just a means to obtain a degree but a transformative experience.


In addition to teaching, I’ve also found a voice as an Author, using the power of the written word to create change and inspire others. My latest book, “Building Resilient Learners – Authentic Teaching Strategies for Social-Emotional Learning,” is a testament to this commitment. The book is a practical guide for educators and parents alike, providing actionable strategies for fostering social and emotional learning in our children. By equipping our youth with these necessary skills, we help them become resilient learners, capable of navigating life’s challenges with grace and determination.

Public Speaker

As a Public Speaker, I have been fortunate to share my expertise and experiences with diverse audiences worldwide. From delivering motivational talks to conducting informative workshops, I aim to empower individuals to unlock their true potential and embrace their authenticity. It’s always a joy to connect with others, sharing insights that can help them on their journeys toward personal growth and fulfillment.

Authentic ME and Authentic Teaching

As the Founder of Davina Lyons Enterprises, I’ve developed platforms that champion authenticity, self-empowerment, and personal growth. Through ventures such as Authentic ME and Authentic Teaching, I offer resources, courses, and coaching services that support individuals as they embark on their journeys of self-discovery and transformation.

Nonprofit Organization

Finally, as the Executive Director of I Am ABLE, a nonprofit organization, my team and I dedicate ourselves to empowering the youth. We work tirelessly to support young individuals in their quest to become more self-aware, improve their mental health, and build resilience, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to face life’s challenges head-on.


My main goal is straightforward yet essential: to establish a world where people can be true to themselves and fully embrace their unique abilities and talents. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

Join Me!

Suppose you’re an educator or a parent looking to foster resilience and social-emotional learning in your students or children. In that case, I highly recommend “Building Resilient Learners – Authentic Teaching Strategies for Social-Emotional Learning.” Click here to grab your copy today.

Additionally, if you want to invite a speaker to your event who can inspire and ignite a change, consider contacting me. I would love to bring my insights and passion to your audience. Let’s join hands and be the difference – one step at a time!

Together, we can create a world that appreciates the power of authenticity, celebrates diversity, and nurtures the potential of every individual. Let’s embark on this journey together!